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2014-The "Lodge"

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2014-Nexopia, News Article

“Post-colonial narratives are stories that re-contextualize classic Western tales into new frameworks. They flip power structures on their heads, writing marginalized histories back into empires and examining the actual criteria of Western heroism. They privilege tricksters, victims, and subjects that exist between worlds.”


Selected Screenings:
Commissioned One Minute Film for the One Minute film series, Cinema Zuid (Gallery Series) Netherlands, ImagineNative Film and Media Arts Festival, The Power within Program, Winnipeg, Manitoba, The One Minutes on Tour - Shanghai Power Station of Art.

Press & Review:
2014-Alison Gillmor, CBC Manitoba News Article 

“And Fort Frances, Ont.-born Métis artist Terril Calder muses on the value of humility in Vessel, an experimental animation involving a disquieting doll-like figure. This is a very concise, very brief work, but its eerie, unsettling atmosphere will stay with you for a long time.”


Selected Screenings:
Selected as one of the five participants of the City of Toronto/iThentic “Toronto Revealed” short-film initiative project.  Patricia Rozema was the mentor on this short film. Screenings: Oberhausen, Germany, Dream Speakers Festival, ImagineNative, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, Peterborough International Film Festival, 22e édition VFP (Vidéos de femmes dans le parc), Rotterdam International Film Festival, Memphis Film Festival,  Berlin Film Festival

Broadcasts and Awards: Best Animation at the DreamSpeakers Festival.

Press & Review:
2013- Jessica Jacobson-Konefall, Queens University, Canada. From the BRAZIL-CANADA KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjUEy7o1zKY

3013- 4 out of 5 stars/The Arts Guild Magazine Article http://www.theartsguild.com/imaginenative-2013-red-justice-league-shorts-program/

“Repercussions is a simple yet incredibly fascinating short that exposes the true magic of stop-motion animation.  With no specific plot to follow, it allows for the formal elements to shine and collaborate in order to really bring the piece together in a noteworthy way. The lighting in the short is fantastic, and the urban lighting of the initial shot is incredibly realistic. The feel of animation remains, but the ambiance is wonderfully crafted. Along with this strength, the characters’ movements are beautiful; not perfectly fluid, but entrancing nonetheless. The sequences where the main character is free-falling are a delight to watch, and the great attention to detail the creation must have entailed is clearly evident. The music perfectly complements the dynamic settings and movements, and the song “Electric Pow Wow” by A Tribe Called Red truly gives the piece a unique identity.  Lasting a mere 3 minutes and 45 seconds, Repercussions accomplishes the difficult task of not only being visually and musically compelling, but being filled with interesting concepts about the city and its relation to history that, being largely open to interpretation, allow for the spectator’s enthrallment with the piece.”

2011-The “Gift”

Selected Screenings:
ImagineNative Film and Media Arts Festival, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, Urban Shaman: Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery, Cine Las Americas International Film Festival, Austin, Texas, Biindigaate Film Festival. Cinemateque, Winnipeg Film Group, Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 3, McMichael Art Gallery, Rochester Arts Center, Studio XX, Montreal, Boomerang Film Festival, Australia, GROUPE INTERVENTION VIDÉO (GIV), Montreal, Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, Aarhus University, Denmark

Broadcasts and Awards for The “Gift”
ImagineNative Film and Media Arts Award for best Experimental film, 2011.
-The Gift has been acquired for broadcast distribution by APTN


Selected Screenings:
ImagineNative Film and Media Arts Festival, Sundance Film Festival –Rotterdam Film Festival, Oberhausen Film Festival, CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Edinburgh Intl Film Festival, Ann Arbor Intl , Sonoma Intl, Houston Worldfest - Gold Remi Award - Best Experimental Short Film, Hollyshorts Film Festival, LA Indie Fest - Honourable Mention - Best Intl Short Film, Bay Street Film Festival, Bindigaate Film Festival, Dreamspeakers Film Festival, Provincetown Intl Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Broadcasts and Awards for CHOKE:
Sundance Film Festival (Special Jury Honourable Mention - Best International Short Film), * American Pixel Academy - Gold Pixie Award - Outstanding Achievement in Animation - Toronto International Film Festival, Canada's Top Ten Short for 2011
- Choke has been acquired for broadcast distribution by the following:  CTV Bravo, CBC, APTN, PBS Texas

Press & Review:


Source: Metro Cinema Society
Film: Choke(Co-created with Michelle Latimer)

“Jimmy, a young man leaving his First Nations reserve to go into the city, embarks on an urban road filled with roaming lost and dark souls. Yet his break with the ties of the past, we learn, will never be complete. A gorgeously crafted poem, Michelle Latimer's film brings the audience on an intimate path of self-discovery.

"Choke fearlessly expresses the psychological isolation of youth in search of assimilation and identity, and is a perfect illustration of the possibilities and versatility of the genre.” (Karina Rotenstein, TIFF)

2010-Canned Meat

Selected Screenings:
ImagineNative Film and Media Arts Festival, Moving Image Film Festival, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Dreamspeaker Festival , Marfa Film Festival, Regent Park Film Festival, Winnipeg Film Group, Ottawa Animation Festival, Icelandic Group Film, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Press & Review:
2009- Sept 4 out of 5 Stars/ Eye Magazine Article   http://www.eyeweekly.com/print/article/74006

2009- Sept Winner of the Moving Images Showcase. http://www.miffest.com/miffestwinners2009.html

2009- Nov Winner of the Best Experimental Category at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival.

2010-Best Animation at the DreamSpeaker Festival


Source: Tracing Memory
Film: Canned Meat

“Calder’s film, Canned Meat, was a jarring and beautiful film that spoke to themes of isolation, memory, and community.”